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Peachy CEO Carolyn Treasure: To manage a business, you have to zoom in and zoom out

Peachy CEO Carolyn Treasure shares her playbook on keeping cool under pressure.

Healthy Roots Dolls CEO Yelitsa Jean-Charles: Figure out what you want to do. Then do it.

Healthy Roots Dolls CEO Yelitsa Jean-Charles shares her playbook on bringing dreams to fruition.

Burrow CEO Stephen Kuhl: The shift to e-commerce is here to stay

Burrow CEO Stephen Kuhl shares his playbook for direct-to-consumer businesses.

Tax Taker CEO Ari Palmer: Preparing for the July 15 deadline

TaxTaker CEO Ari Palmer shares her playbook for tax season.

BLCK VC Co-Founder Sydney Sykes: Community is more important than ever

BLCK VC Co-Founder Sydney Sykes shares her playbook on building community among Black investors and achieving greater representation. 

Slice CEO Ilir Sela: Our mission connects all of us

Slice CEO Ilir Sela shares his playbook on running a mission-driven company. 

Bob’s Red Mill Founder and President Bob Moore: People are everything

Bob’s Red Mill Founder and President Bob Moore shares his playbook on building company culture around compassion. 

Scrub Daddy CEO Aaron Krause: You have to lead by example

Scrub Daddy CEO Aaron Krause shares his playbook on running a company during a crisis. 

Hipmunk Co-Founder Adam Goldstein: Anxiety isn’t always useful. Here’s how to manage it well.

Hipmunk C-Founder and Y Combinator visiting partner Adam Goldstein shares his playbook for managing anxiety. 

Lumi Co-Founder Jesse Genet: Do not ‘fake it ‘till you make it’

Lumi CEO Jesse Genet shares her playbook for winning her first major clients.

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